First Holding of Visakh Festival in Pakistan

Inscription of Nowroz Festival and Falconry as multi-state Nominations on the representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Humanity (UNESCO)  - ICH Cell

Initiated the first ever detailed Archaeological Survey of ICT

Excavation of Buddhist Stupa at Ban Faqiran, Islamabad

Return of Rawat Fort from Government of Punjab

Protection of Rawat Fort, Ban Faqiran and Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Publication of book “Miniature Paintings – A lasting tradition of Mughals” and the revised addition of the “Life Story of Buddha Etched in Stone”

Exhibition of 96 pieces of antique pottery in National Oriental Museum of Arts in Rome, Italy

Revamping of the Islamabad Museum

Publication of Pakistan Archeology by DOAM

Exhibition of Buddha relics in Sri Lanka

Saved 4000 artifacts from illicit export at Islamabad

Establishment of Yunus Emre Culture Centre in Lahore and Karachi

Arranged workshop on community based inventorying from 12-18 December in collaboration with CRIHAP, China       

Exhibition of the paintings of Jimmy Engineer in National Library and MOFA

Ancient Pakistan exhibition in MOFA

Holding of Annual Kitab Mela by NBF

Establishment of Endowment Fund  for Archaeology and Literary Heritage – Rs. 500 M –Rules being approved

MOU with CRIHAP (China)

Holding of an international Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistic

Holding of National Calligraphy Exhibition Noon-Walqalam 

8th National Book Day Celebrations (22-24th April, 2017)

International Calligraphic Exhibition, Islamabad

Workshop on Community-based Inventorying of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Capacity Building Workshop On Developing Safeguarding Plans For Intangible Cultural Heritage Lahore, Pakistan

Publication of Book titled "Noon Walqalam"