Inscription on the representative list of UNESCO


1.    Nauroz

Novruz, Nowroux, Nooruz, Navruz, Nauroz, Nevruz is celebrated on 21st of March, which is considered as New Year holiday and the beginning of Spring. There are various ceremonies, rituals, and cultural events held within every family and community, it enjoys traditional games, special cuisines, respect for nature, performances in music and dances, oral expressions and literature, handicrafts and painting masterpieces (in particular miniature arts). Values of peace and solidarity, reconciliation and neighborhood, cultural diversity and tolerance, healthy life-style and renewal of living environment are promoted and transmitted from generation to generation during this cultural event. Women play a major role in the cultural event, by managing the ceremonies and disseminating the traditional knowledge to the youth. It is a part of and strengthens the cultural identity of the states parties involved.

 2.    Falconry

Falconry, as a traditional art and practice of keeping, training and flying a bird of prey to take quarry in its natural state, practiced by people of all ages, genders and statuses, is recognized by its community members as part of their cultural heritage. It is a social tradition promoting respect for nature and the environment, transmitted from generation to generation through formal and informal means, and providing its communities with a sense of belonging, pride, continuity and identity.


 1.    Suri Jagek (Dossier Submitted)

As a ruling custom integral to the formation of the traditional luni-solar calendar dictating times for festivals, feasts and social events, as well as animal husbandry and agriculture of the Kalasha and Muslim community residing in the three valleys, consider Suri Jagek to be an integral part of their Intangible Cultural Heritage. While the knowledge bearers of the practice range from members of the Sharakat clan who are designated the task for accounting important social events,  Qazi's, farmers, shepherds, and village elders(males and females) of the community. National History & Literary Heritage Division has submitted a nomination file for its inscription on urgent Safeguarding list of UNESCO