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—  First Holding of Visakh Festival in Pakistan

—  Inscription of Nowroz Festival and Falconry as multi-state Nominations on the representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage for Humanity (UNESCO)  - ICH Cell

—  Initiated the first ever detailed Archaeological Survey of ICT

—  Excavation of Buddhist Stupa at Ban Faqiran, Islamabad

—  Return of Rawat Fort from Government of Punjab

—  Protection of Rawat Fort, Ban Faqiran and Shah Allah Ditta Caves

—  Publication of book “Miniature Paintings – A lasting tradition of Mughals” and the revised addition of the “Life Story of Buddha Etched in Stone”

—  Exhibition of 96 pieces of antique pottery in National Oriental Museum of Arts in Rome, Italy

—  Revamping of the Islamabad Museum

—  Publication of Pakistan Archeology by DOAM

—  Exhibition of Buddha relics in Sri Lanka

—  Saved 4000 artifacts from illicit export at Islamabad

—  Establishment of Yunus Emre Culture Centre in Lahore and Karachi

—  Arranged workshop on community based inventorying from 12-18 December in collaboration with CRIHAP, China       

—  Exhibition of the paintings of Jimmy Engineer in National Library and MOFA

—  Ancient Pakistan exhibition in MOFA

—  Holding of Annual Kitab Mela by NBF

—  Establishment of Endowment Fund  for Archaeology and Literary Heritage – Rs. 500 M –Rules being approved

—  MOU with CRIHAP (China)

—  Holding of an international Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistic

—  Holding of Calligraphy Exhibition Noon-Walqalam 

—   8th National Book Day Celebrations (22-24th April, 2017)