Presidential Iqbal Award
The Iqbal Academy Pakistan (IAP) Lahore is statutory body of the Government of Pakistan,
a centre of excellence for Iqbal Studies established through Act of Parliament in 1951 and re-enacted
through Ordinance in 1962
The then President of Pakistan, General Muhammad Zia ul Haq instituted Presidential Iqbal
Award in 1981 for the best book on Iqbal in Urdu, English, regional languages of Pakistan and an
International Iqbal Award. The Iqbal Award remained operational till 2017 (for the best book on
Iqbal published in 2016) when it was pended due to death of Dr. Javed Iqbal, who served as
Chairperson of Selection Committee for the award. The Iqbal Academy, then, moved a case of
reconstitution of the Selection Committee as well as revision of Gold Medal price.
Recently, the President of Pakistan has been pleased to grant the approval, on the advice of
the Prime Minister of Pakistan, for the Revision of Presidential Iqbal Award. According to which,
the Presidential Iqbal Award shall be for the best book on Iqbal in Urdu annually, English on three
years basis, Pakistani Languages as a whole on three years basis and an International Iqbal Award on
three year basis. Each of the Iqbal Award shall comprise a gold medal, a certificate and monetary
amount. Each gold medal shall be of 20 grams and to be prepared by Pakistan Mint, as per the
approved design. The monetary part shall be Rs. 500,000 for each of the best book in Urdu and
English, Rs. 300,000 for the Pakistani Languages as a whole and US$5000 for the International
A Selection Committee has also been re-constituted to make final recommendations, which
will be approved by the President of Pakistan.
The Director, Iqbal Academy Pakistan has been declared as Convener for the Presidential
Iqbal Award.