Name of the Project

Construction Of Office Building, Conference Hall, Guest House, Committee Room and Reading Room-Library Pakistan Academy Of Letters Provincial Office, Peshawar.


Sponsoring Agency 

National History and Literary Heritage Division, Islamabad.  

Executing Agency 

Pakistan Academy of Letters , Islamabad  

Approved Cost / Approval date

 Approved by the DDWP on 28-12-2017  at cost of Rs.57.960 million


Approved Project Period

Two  year  ( 2017-18 to 2018-19 )

Brief of the  Project

The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) is an autonomous body    with its main focus on promotion of Pakistani literature and welfare of writers. It is the largest and the most prestigious learned body of its kind in Pakistan, with activities throughout the nation. It was established in July 1976 by the Government of Pakistan to promote literary activities in the country.    

 Keeping in view of its aim and objectives Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad got  prepared PC-1through  Pak, PWD, Peshawar , the Pak, PWD, Peshawar  prepared a PC-I amounting to Rs. 57.960 million which was approved by the DDWP in its meeting held  28-12-2017   with completion period up-to June,2019

Scope of the Project

Office Building (4 rooms with hall)                            1765 sft.

Conference Hall                                                                2156 sft

Writer House, Guest House.                                       5474 sft

Committee Room, Reading Room and Library      1543 sft

Boundary wall