Seminar on the occasion of the seventh death anniversary of Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal

Lahore (October 3, 2022) Iqbal Academy Pakistan organized a special seminar on the occasion of the seventh death anniversary of Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal. The seminar was presided over by Justice (Retd) Nasira Javed Iqbal while other honored guests included Prof. Waheed-ul-Zaman Tariq, Prof. Javed Iqbal Nadeem, Prof. Zebunnisa Saroya, Engineer Inayat Ali and Mr. Rana Ameer Advocate. The opening remarks were delivered by the Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan Professor Dr. Baseera Ambreen. Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli performed the duties of moderator. Treasurer Iqbal Academy Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Amin Shah was the Chief Guest.

Justice (Retd) Nasira Javed Iqbal said that she lived with Dr. Javed Iqbal for 51 years. He always encouraged her. He had very positive thoughts and always put my opinion first in matters of home and children. He never brought court work home. I was against his participation in politics, but when he entered politics, I supported him fully. Dr. Javed Iqbal believed in hard work and the youth of the country. He used to say that youth should do something that would make their name and the name of the country bright. He lived according to the thought of Allama Iqbal's poems for him.

Prof. Dr. Baseera Ambreen said that late Javed Iqbal had his own unique style. Javed Iqbal proved to be Javed in true sense. He performed the task of spreading Iqbal's thought in a very good way. A prominent reference is "Zinda Rood". He proved himself to be a distinguished personality through his writing and practical life. His life is a practical interpretation of Allama Iqbal's poems written on him.

Prof. Waheed-ul-Zaman Tariq said that Justice (R) Javed Iqbal always performed the duty of truthfulness and boldness. Sticking to principles all his life, he refused even the biggest position. Javed Iqbal's book "Ideology of Pakistan" is the best reference on the foundation of Pakistan.

Prof. Javed Iqbal Nadeem said that Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal always used to talk intellectually and academically. Allama Muhammad Iqbal sent a message to the Muslim Ummah through his son. The youth should follow his intellectual and academic pursuits.

Dr. Zaibunnisa Saroya said Dr. Javed Iqbal was a great researcher. He spent his life in research. Dr. Javed Iqbal did not believe in blind imitation. He used to talk with reason and then stick to it.

Mr. Rana Ameer Advocate said that Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal participated in Pakistani politics apart from legal affairs in a scholarly manner and participated in politics at a time when very few educated people were involved in politics.

At the end of the seminar, Fatiha was also recited for late Justice (R) Dr. Javed Iqbal.