Humaira Ahmed , Secretary, National Heritage & Culture Division


Humaira Ahmed is an officer of Pakistan Administrative Service having an experience of over 32 years with a diverse experience of administration and policy making in the fields of Finance, Education, Health, Narcotics Control and Community Welfare. During her service she has served on various important assignments in Federal and Provincial Government, she has served abroad and in the Offices of Prime Minister and President of Pakistan. Her recent appointments include serving as Secretary, Ministry of Narcotics Control, Secretary, Federal Public Service Commission and Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology.

In the past, she has served in Economic Affairs Division where she worked with many multilateral donor agencies including World Bank, United Nations, Islamic Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Development Bank. She has also worked with UNODC, INLP, UNDP, UNESCO & USAID etc.

She is married with two children and holds a Bachelors degree in Economics followed by a Masters Degree in Economics. For her work in strengthening the relationships between the two countries she was awarded Jubilee Medal by Government of Azerbaijan in 2019.

In CSS exam she has secured 10th position in Pakistan

Humaira Ahmed

Secretary, National Heritage & Culture Division