Preservation, Restoration and Presentation of Rewat Fort, Islamabad.

Brief of the  Project: Rewat a derivation of an Arabic word “Rebat” meaning Sarai seems originally to be an ancient Sarai situated from 11 miles from Rawalpindi. The Rewat Fort is recently acquired by the Federal Department of Archaeology & Museums, Islamabad.

The present small fortress Sarai appears to have been built during the Sultanate period in early 15th century AD. This elegant little stone fortress is however also curiously associated with the name of Masud son of famous Mahmood of Gazna.      

In present day, the civilized world has consciences that all archaeological sites and historical monuments are the common heritage of the entire world race and the countries possessing them are not more than their trustees. They are responsible for their proper preservation that implies through conservation, restoration and proper presentation to prolong their life by slowing down include conserving cultural heritage from further deterioration and preserving it for posterity. This project certainly proves helpful in the development and safeguarding of the sites and promotion of tourism trade in the country.

Scope of the Project: Under this project Archaeological Exaction along-with Preservation, Conservation, underpinning and development for the touristic interest will be carried out at the monument.

Sponsoring Agency: National History and Literary Heritage Division, Islamabad.

Executing Agency: Department of Archaeology and Museums, Islamabad.

Approved Cost / Approval date: Approved by the DDWP on 10-10-2017  at a cost of Rs.28.644 million