Pakistan and Korea Share Hundreds of Years Old Cultural Exchange Bonds: Jamal Shah

ISLAMABAD, Oct 21: Federal  Minister for National Heritage and Culture Jamal Shah has said that bonds between Pakistan and Korea have always been characterized by mutual respect and admiration for each other’s cultural ethos.

Addressing Migrant Multicultural Festival (MAMF) 2023 being held in Changwon city of South Korea  from October 20 to 22,  the Minister said that our Cultural Art Troupe from Pakistan and the Korean Performance Team are here as performers and ambassadors of their respective rich traditions and heritage.

"I am immensely pleased to be part of this special cultural concert - a highlight of the Migrant Arrirang Multi-Cultural Festival 2023, in the dynamic city of Changwon",.

Jamal Shah said that they carry with them stories of their land, tales of their people and spirit of their traditions, adding that through the universal language of music and dance, they will weave together narratives of two great nations, evoking emotions that transcend borders.

 The Minister appreciated the organizers of MAMF, the City Government of Changwon, and all individuals and institutions that have made this possible.

"Through such platforms, we sow the seeds of lasting friendship, promoting harmony, understanding, and unity amongst nations" he said.

`Pakistan was leading MAMF 2023 with theme “Pakistan Zindabad” Means “Long Live Pakistan” presenting its cultural beauty and values through traditional clothes, accessories, Henna, Traditional music like Dhol, Anthem, Zindabad and traditional dance performance like Bhangra, Dhamal, Luddi and so on.