Book Launch Ceremony of Allama Iqbal’s Grand Son Azad Iqbal

The opening ceremony for the launch of Allama Iqbal's grandson Azad Iqbal's poetry collection entitled Dana-i-Raaz was held on November 5, 2022 at Chaudhry Saeed's residence. On this occasion, Azad Iqbal presented Kalam Iqbal with music which was composed by him. Furthermore, he also entertained the participants with classical music.


Professor Dr. Baseera Ambreen, Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan, participated in the program. While presenting her views, she said that Azad Iqbal not only can write poetry in Iqbal's style, but he also has mastered the art of music. His composition and presentation of Iqbal's Poetry with music is marvelous and very impressive. She said that the poetical and artistic contribution of Azad Iqbal is a valuable addition in the arena of Iqbaliyat.