Tender Notice

National Heritage & Culture Division invites bids from the firms/general order supplier / companies in Islamabad/Rawalpindi registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments for supply of below mentioned items separately till 30th June, 2023. Tender Documents may be submitted within 15 days after publication of the ad. The tender will be opened on 8 th August at 11:00 A.M in the Committee Room in presence of bidders/representatives of firms.

A. Stationery

B. Computer Stationery (Tonners)

C. Misc. Usable Items

Terms and Conditions:

1) Firm must be registered with Sales Tax Department.

2) Single Stage: One Envelop Basis procedure will be adopted for Stationery, Computer Stationary (Tonners), Crockery and Misc Useable items to evaluate the offer(s) and the firm/agency who submits overall lowest financial bid will be selected. Samples of selected items are available in General Section which can be viewed before closing date of tender.

3) Prices must be inclusive of General Sales Tax and effective till 30th June, 2023.

4) Income Tax will be deducted at the time of payment.

5) Details of Stationary items, Crockery items and Misc. Usable items can be obtained from the General Section during working hours (except weekends) free of cost and also available on Division’s website www.heritage.pakistan.gov.pk and PPRA website www.ppra.org.pk.

6) Bidder(s) must attach separate Bank Draft/Pay Order / Call Deposit amounting to Rs.50,000/- for each category mentioned at Sr. A to Sr. C in favor of Drawing and Disbursing Officer, National Heritage & Culture Division which will be refundable in case of non-acceptance of bid(s). Incomplete offers will not be accepted.

7) All items must be according to the bidding / prices quoted by the firms which will be delivered to this office by the Firm/Vendor on their own expenses.

8) Firm(s) must not be blacklisted from any Government organization.

9) Firms should be registered with AGPR and must have active account with AGPR.

10) In case of any query, contact on given number during office hours.

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